Jakarta Bean Validation

Bean Validation 1.0 TCK

A TCK, or Technology Compatibility Kit, is one of the three required pieces for any JSR (the other two being the specification document and the reference implementation). The TCK is a set of tools and tests to verify that an implementation of the technology conforms to the specification.

The Bean Validation 1.0 TCK is licensed under the Apache Software License 2.0 and hosted in a GitHub repository. The repository consists of multiple artifacts, containing tooling, documentation and most importantly a set of Arquillian tests. There are also two setup examples, demonstrating the setup of the test harness using Maven and Ant.

The Bean Validation 1.0 TCK is built using Maven.

The latest version used to test Bean Validation 1.0 (JSR 303) is 1.0.7.GA.

A distribution bundle is available on the SourceForge File Release System and come as a ZIP archive.

You can find the TCK reference manual also online in two different formats - html, html (single-page).

To report a bug or challenge a test use our issue tracker.