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Bean Validation has a new website!

Posted by Guillaume Smet    |    19 Oct 2017    website

Bean Validation just got a new website and we hope you will like it!

New layout

We developed a more modern layout based on Semantic UI.

It should be easier to the eye and more readable too.

The logo, contributed by Hendrik Ebbers for Bean Validation 2.0, is now in good place.

New organization

In the old website, the information about a given version of the spec was spread over multiple pages. It was hard for the user to get an overview of a given version and it was also hard for us to work on new versions of the spec.

We changed the website organization to centralize all the information of a spec release on one page.

See for instance:

The main changes, the TCK and the certified implementations are all accessible from these landing pages.

A bright future

The last version of the spec has a prominent link in the menu and you can find the old versions of the spec in the archives.

Presenting a new version of the spec should be easier than ever. That was our ultimate goal.


As usual, if you have some feedback or if you find an issue in the new website, either add a comment just below or post something on the Bean Validation mailing list.